Thursday, December 13, 2007

Long time no Type

Well it's been quite a while since my last post. A lot has gone on, most not good, generally life still sucks.

My computer has ceased to function completely, the motherboard seems to have eaten itself, it wont even post. This has rendered my life well, useless frankly, I depend on my computer a lot, and especially now it's about the only thing i have keeping me sane.

This left me without a way to watch anime, watch DVD's watch movies of any sort, write, work on my art (Bryce), make my digital camera almost useless. It prevents me from getting to my calender, appointment,s phone numbers, addresses, music. everything.

That being said, the weekend went okay. my wife & kids came up for a visit, and in lieu of my comp being down my wife gave me my X-mas presents early. I have some books to read, and a small hand-held game to play.

Me & Erica wanted to spend a little time together. We asked my grandma if she would mind watching the kids for a couple hours. She said sure no problem.
now mind you, my living conditions are less than ideal. I tried to child-proof the area as much as possible, but 90% of the stuff on my desk I just have no where to put, there's no shelves, no closets, no locking doors, there is no where I can really put stuff that the kids can' reach it. so I told my grandmother, that it was mostly safe, just keep the kids away from my desk.

apparently she wasn't feeling well. she decided to go to bed, and left Ralph to watch the kids by himself. Now mind you many many MANY times, she's found him asleep in his chair, and had to yell more than a dozen times, at top volume to wake him.

so guess what. Yup, he fell asleep.
the kids got a hold of the following items, my $600 camera, a bottle of aspirin, a bottle of tiger balm, 12 DVD's, 3 screw drivers, 5 sharpie markers, 2 pens, 4 pencils, electric shaver, computer mouse.
To top it off as me & Erica came in the door, jack was running around with my X-acto knife!!!
I nearly decked Ralph. and of course he claims he didn't fall asleep, yeah they got all of that, in a split second while you blinked.

I still can't find two screw drivers, 3 DVD's and the tiger balm.

UGH!!! I trusted someone to watch my kids for like an HOUR and this is what I get.

My therapy is well, basically hasn't started, I keep meeting with my case worker, who is the best person in the world. however i was supposed to meet a psychiatrist, and get a psych evaluation and some medication to help deal with anxiety and/or depression as he saw fit. However he called off work, the next appointment available is 9 weeks away. ugh.

I'm eating a little bit healthier, still only about once a day though, my appetite has been for shit lately. on the plus side I've lost close to 40 lbs. I'm only 362 right now YAY!

I did manage to do a few odd jobs, and was able to get some nice stuff for my kids for x-mas, looking forward to that. hopefully it will be fun.

My case manager has been working closely with me, I'm supposed to get enrolled in an art class/therapy thing next week. and also they have a rec-center called "the comfort zone" basically a place for some of the other clients/patients, just.. as a safe haven , they know they can come there, and... well... be safe. they have computers a pool table and other stuff. so hopefully I can get more regular net access there.

To add to that. my mom lost her DSL again. AT&T/Cingular, is evil and messed up. Our cell phones got shut off in august. We paid the past due, but didn't reactivat,e then a month later they told us we owed $1200, and because ALL my moms stuff is through AT&T (cellphone, land line, DSL etc. etc.) they shut EVERYTHING off. so she borrowed money and paid the $1200 cell phone charge that shouldn't have existed. 2 months later, it showed up again ,and she fought and fought, and got it taken care of. now they have the same exact cell phone charge, on their AGAIN!!! And so now they are shutting off her phone ,and DSL and everything. she can';t afford to pay it again, she shouldn't have to anyway, it's all messed up.

anyway, That's about all for now.
oh wait.

Got pictures of the kids taken. Should have those in a couple weeks (before x-mas) and I'll see if I can get someone to scan/upload them for me & post them here.