Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A note about firefox adblock Plus

I don't like most adds, people mostly don't like ads
that being said I think Google text adds aren't that bad.
that's my opinion, some may not share it.

here's what bugs me,. on my own, personal blog, i have some adds, a button to download open office, and some Google AdSense at the bottom.

IMO it''s small & tasteful, and unobtrusive. I wanted to see, my own ads.

so in my innocence, i clicked "disable on this site" in ad block plus

no luck

I subscribe to easy list. and the way that some of easylists filters are written, even though my sit,e as well as Google AdSense, were white listed, my ads didn't show up

so "open blockable items" and i added exceptions for a few things that i noticed it was still blocking

still no luck

after unblocking those, and refreshing the page, MORE items it was still hiding showed up , these i can not add exceptions for, i had to either enable, or disable the rule entirely

all in all, i had to edit TWENTY-TWO separate filters/entries in the ad block plus configuration, in order to see my own damn ads.

this is nonsense.

if I white list a site, i should see it all period.
s utter crap that after white-listing a sit,e i STILL had to manual edit so many entries, in order to see the content.