Thursday, November 08, 2007

Not much new

not a whole lot to post, bu I'm making one, so i can say i made one :)

I got my state ID finally!!
god what a headache that was.
basically if you don't have a utility bill in your name, your fucked.

Secretary of state will also accept a bank statement as proof of residence, but since the patriot ac, you can't open a bank account without a current state Id.

but i finally got it all worked out, got my state ID.

got my hair cut
actually went to the place my mom goes "oriental spa" is the actual name. and it is just that, they do manicure, pedicure, hair cut style, massage, the works, i just got a cut & style though, my moms regular stylist, anne worked on me, Great job, a true master of her craft.

not to knock anyone, because i know everyone starts somewhere, but i can tell the difference between what she did, and what liek fantastic sams, or super cuts, people do ,the fresh out of beauty college types.

the finish product, to be honest, is simple, and something a student probably still could have done, but it's he little stuff, the time she took to do it, get it right, layer & feather it, not just properly but very precisely. I was very impressed, spent almost 45 min in her chair, thats without shampoo & wash mind you, that's just the cut.

I got some new shoes, the only thing i had before were sandals, and Michigan winters can be rough. so i now have some cheap $15 k-mart black shoes that should last me a good year or two, and some nice thick socks.

food supply is running a little low, but should be able replenish it within the week
been eating usually 1 meal a day, often Ramen. i know it's not health, but it's what i got for now.

today i found out my daughter, of one and a half years old, said "i love you" for the first time, so far this makes almost a dozen new words between both kids, that I've missed. :(

my heart is dying.

but I'm trying to keep my chin up, I'm working on moving forward, and getign all this crapola straightened out. trying to keep a positive attitude going in spite of he people who are actively trying to make me feel worse about myself.

that's all for now

later friends.