Monday, November 19, 2007

Comcast fighting the bad fight... Again

a Thread on Animesuki that then got slashdoted
is claiming that Comcast is sending out DMCA letters to people downloading unlicensed Anime. Now Note that UN-LISCENSED.

this is a tough area. Right now copyright law is vague about certain things.
for instance, broadcast TV, if it airs on regular broadcast TV with commercials & everything else, in the past no one has been held accountable for making a recording of it, EVER. however, technically under the DMCA it might be prosecutable, it's never been tested.

Also there has been a long standing, unofficial sort of, "nod of agreement" between Anime companies, and fansubbers, usually if the Anime is not yet licensed in north America, they politely look the other way, after all Japan has hefty red tape when it comes to exporting. and if a show gets licensed by some company, then the fansubbers are politely asked to stop, and usually do (there have been some recent exceptions to this, mainly concerning, fox kids outright butchering.. "heavily editing" shows they have licensed )

Many people find it very hard to believe, that Comcast has had direct contact with multiple Animation studios in japan, it seems far fetched that after all these years of silent but polite agreement, that the animation studios, would decide to go after the fan-subbers. it also seems highly unlikely that they would choose Comcast, (and so far only Comcast) to start delivering DMCA notices for them.

Many people believe this is just Comcast using a scare tactic to try & justify it's throttling of file-sharing traffic.

either way, pretty fucked up stuff