Sunday, September 02, 2007

» Papers Please: Arrested At Circuit City - www. Michael Righi .com

» Papers Please: Arrested At Circuit City - www. Michael Righi .com

First, I highly recommend clicking the link above for the full story
My summary is, at best "brief" and by reading the full article you can get a better understanding of he fact, that the hereafter mentioned man was calm, rational, not an asshole or snooty, snippy, sarcastic with anyone.

okay. Some brief background here.

Fact: When a loss prevention employee at a big store (Walmart, Best buy etc.) asks to see your receipt, you are under no legal obligation to do so.

Fact: holding someone in a place against their will, is kidnapping

Fact: No US Citizen is required to show ID when asked, it's in our constitution. you may need something like a drivers license, as proof of the right to operate a vehicle, but under no circumstances are you required, to prove your identity outside such specifically licensed activities (hunting, fishing, driving etc.)

in fact there are many campaign on line, with pamphlets you can print out, and had these loss prevention people instead. explaining, why it's morally objectionably, for companies to assume guilt, rather than innocence of their remaining loyal customers who choose to shop there. Treating ALL customers like criminals, in an attempt to cut down on the less than 3% that actually are.

Michael Amor Righi Was arrested Today at A Brooklyn Ohio Circuit City.

He refused to show his receipt to the loss prevention employee.
The employee physically detained him, as in didn't say "wait here" but physically restrained him, and called the police.

When the police got there, they asked to see his Id... he wasn't driving, he was standing on the side walk, walking, (or rather, being prevent from walking by an employee) and refused to show his Drivers Licence.

so he was arrested.