Saturday, August 18, 2007

Why FireFox is Blocked

Why FireFox is Blocked

okay this bothers me
Ad-blockign has been around a LOT longer than FireFox has, for almost 10 years there have been aps hat help block ads on websites.

moreover, people using FireFox, and ad-block plus, have the ability to white-list a site, allowing that site to show ads, and therefore support that site.

people blocking an entire browser seems dumb to me.

but these guys go further, they are so pissed, that they are trying to discredit FireFox and Mozilla corp entirely.

now I'm all for debating the technical merits and shortcomings of any software, but these guys, compare FireFox users to a cult, and try to say that many of's claims are outright lies.

it's a prime example of a mud-slinging campaign. and no matter how good the reason may be, it jsut seems immoral, and unethical to stoop to such tactics.

Along the same lines, I don't like Microsoft much, I don't like the way it's business is run or the decisions it makes, but i recognize that it's programmers are top notch. and I don' go around saying Bill Gates ins the devil, or a pedophile or other such nonsense, I stick to the products. And it makes me sad to see what I thought were respectable, sensible, logical people using these kind of tactics