Thursday, August 30, 2007

LJ holding ussers responsible for linked content

LJ holding ussers responsible for linked content

Okay, IMO Livejournal has been going downhill lever since he got bought out.

At the time ,i was a subscriber to Livejournal. When it was bought out, 6 months of my subscriber status, was taken away, with no warning, refund, or even notice,. it was simply gone.

Then the prices changed
then the adds appeared.
then the terms of Service, changed... A lot.

now it's changing again.

Livejournal, will now hold you responsible, for content you link to.

Let me repeat that, in a different way.
if you put a link, on your blog, and the content, on the place you linked to, is deemed inappropriate, you will have your blog deleted.

so lets say I link to a website, something pure and innocent. then that site, goes down, and their Error page instead of a standard 403 error, has one of those cutesy ones, a chick in lingerie ray going "sorry I missed you baby"

poof my journal is gone.

this is on the heals of them taking down 100+ journals, due to pressure from a group called Warriors For Innocence

This group insisted that 100+ journals were promoting pedophilia.
Mind you there wasn't any real proof of most of this.
Many of these, were community journals, that were support groups for survivors of abuse.
Several were discussion groups of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita which is an incredibly famous novel that has been adapted to film twice.

All I can say is LJ users, watch out, while LJ still has one of the greatest community scenes in the blogging world right now, your rights are being nicked away, not so gradually by six apart.

I'm glad i got out when I did