Thursday, August 16, 2007

Forced to Pick a Major in High School - New York Times

Forced to Pick a Major in High School - New York Times

Across America, Starting This Fall many high school freshman, will be forced to declare a Major.

The school board, hopes that declaring a major and focusing on those studies ,will raise students int rest in staying in school.

many college professors, and analysts disagree, they believe that a HS freshman of 14 or so isn't ready to decide what they want to do with their life, and focusing their education narrowly at such an age could cause problems later, if they change their minds, or don' get their dream-jobs, as they will lack many fundamental basics, that would be required in a different job.

I mean seriously, lets say that you declare a medical major, and low and behold, the cure-all break through whatever is found, and your more or less out of work, your not capable of passing, today's standard GED because you don't have a general education, you have to go back to 9th grade, and re-train for another career from the ground up