Saturday, July 07, 2007

why i want adequate painting materials

please, to fully appreciate open the two links above in new tabs or new windows.

The first link is to the games workshop US online store, the piece shown is Lucrezzia Belladonna. she retails for about $18

the second link is to a site called coolminiornot. it's the youtube of minipainting ,it's THE place.

scrolling to the bottom you'll notice that this fully painted piece is for auction on e-bay

as of this typing there are 12 bids, and the price is just over $500

now I'll be the first to admit, i may not be as good as these people, but I'm decent, I'm passable, i couldn't make a living off this, but i REALLY REALLY REALLY enjoy doing it, and if i can take a $18 model and get $50 or $100 off it, I'm still coming out ahead. but i need the paint,s and a good paint station first