Tuesday, May 08, 2007

stuff that intrests me


here's a big fan USB or 4 AA powered, and 7" tall, it can even be wall mounted

New Brit sub loosk liek a whale


it also never needs refueling, generates it's own clean air and water.

Disney Forces viewers to watch adds

ABC and ESPN both Disney owned, are going to offer shows "on demand" through Cox cable, but with the stipulation that Cox disable the fast forward button so that the adds cant be skipped.

Robot Sympathy on the upswing

Soldiers are bonding with their robotic helpers, read here to see how one soldier even referred to testing of a robot as inhumane

IPv6 gettign fucked over

Evpeopels obsession with firewalls, is going to break IPv6, essentially what's needed to make IPv6 work throguh a statefull firewall ,is the same thing needed to make IPv4 work through NAT, meaning that all attempts to make IPv6 NAT free are essentially fubared

Raw McChicken Sandwich Update

a completely Raw and uncooked Chicken sandwich was served, at McDonald's the other day, and now there are some updates to the story, click above to read the details.

New Drug "strawberry Quick"

essentially meth + fruit drink powder ,= a kind of Meth-pop-rocks

Librarian makes video about Ubuntu

a librarian received, 3 Pc's with no OS on them as donations to her library, so she installed Ubuntu , in less than an hour, she had all 3 up and running and even had time to make a video about her experience.

new florida law Prohibiting resale of Cd's

you know those used music stores, go in ,sell your old, stuff, get some new stuff. new law in Florida, that's being consider by other states, will force the store to hold the Cd for 30 days, also make copys of all your identifying paperwork (DL SS card) they even take your fingerprints.

China Sucks

for the second time in recent history, China is forcibly relocating a bunch of Tibetan monks, this time 250,000 of them,  the first time was a few years ago when they literally bulldozed the original Shaolin village.

This sickens Me

Visa and Hasbro have teamed up to create a branded, update to the game of life.

The game however, teaches/rewards children for going into credit card debt.

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