Saturday, May 05, 2007


Youtube to pay select uplaoders.

Select uploaders, specificaly those with ongoing series that have proven to be popular with viewers will now be paid, hard cash by youtube.

Selda sword and Shield Wii Accessory

This is sort of campy, bu also pretty cool you can slip the wii-mote into the sword, and the nunchuck into the shield, and create an insane amount of realism/immersion for Zelda

Vista Sucks... More

It has now been confirmed from inside HP. that Vista, specifically the Aereo interface, will totally suck away the battery life of any laptop it's on.

Harvard Law professor, urges them to fight the RIAA

Law school professor Charles Nelson is Rallying Harvard to stand up against the RIAA and fight for their rights.

Robert Love resigns from Novell

His blog doesn't give a specific reason ,but many suspect, that he ,has followed in the steps of Jeremy Allison and has resigned in protest over the novell-microsoft deal.  Robert love was chief architect on novell's Linux desktop, and a noted and respected Kernel hacker.

Sweedish prosecutor announces charges against TPB

Almsot a year after the initial raid on Pirate bay servers Charges for variosu copyright laws are being filed. The owners of TPB seemed defiant, saying that the charges are groundless, and are only being laid to try and justify the money spent on a 30-man police raid.

Major layoffs at IBM

Apperently IBM is going to lay off HALF of it's Global Services division. 1300 employees initialy, but a total of at least 100,000 by the end of the year. possibly closer to 150,000

Is Virtual Rape a crime?

Have to read the whole story, for this one. but in essence, If i threaten or harass you through an IM client, i am guilty of those came charges.  what if my virtual second life avatar, rapes yours. it's arguable, that even though there is no physical rape, that the emotional & mental trauma can be the same.

the TSA has lost a HD with the info of 100,000 former employees on it.

here's the fun part, they aren't sure if it's stolen or if it is still in the building, it's just lost....  wow

Color match

Awesome photoshop plugin, that lalwos you to take your photo, and re-make it's colour palette to match the pallet of another picture.  Hard to explain without visual, but some really great results, can be had by, for instance, taking a snapshot of your Favorite girl, and then color matching hr photo to the mona lisa.

Free comic book Day

Free comic book Day  read, Enjoy. get involved\


effortless, efficient, convenient, backup for windows machines.

How other countries deal with gun control

This article Dispels some of the myths about how other countries deal with gun control and how it has or hasn't helped them keep violent crime down.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Canada's Bev Oda, the minister in charge of Copyright. ahs been caught red handed accepting funds from the entertainment companies that she is supposed to regulate. Oda financed her election campaign with huge sums from entertainment & pharmaceutical companies. She got caught, there was a scandel involving a $250/plate dinner two weeks before a broadcasters review. She promised to return the money, and backpeddled liek a pro cyclist. but now it's been shown that she cashed the checks anyway.

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