Thursday, May 03, 2007

News updates

Something cool

1Tb external HD

Very cool slick little device, and 1TB for $290 is good by any standard

This is cute

Keyboard Waffle iron

This is just cute, what more can I say.

Neat Kitchen item # 147

Slow Cooker with Digital Recipe Book

Built right into the front of this slow cooker, is a small LCD screen, it is a digital recipe book. cost's $150

Britan Wants to to track all Vehicles at all times

This story is About several things, the INTENT is not malicious, for instance, begin able to charge tolls to people, without the bottleneck of toll booths is great idea, but the implementation of such a system, would be open to abuse very easily.

Steve jobs personally responds to customer Complaint

This guy Was getting jerked around by Mac tech support. so he fired of a flame-mail to Steve jobs.  Steve's personal assistant wrote him back, and the guy was given a brand new mac book along with his old one, to copy the HD, and was more or less personally taken care of by Mr. Jobs himself.

660 Gallon fuel Cell

This may be the biggest fuel cell on the planet, I'm not sure, either way, it's damn big, and impressive

What the fuck!

Some kid Drew up a map of his highschool ,for a video game. because of this, he has been arrested, barred from graduation, and sent to an "alternative education Center" according to officials, making a video game map of your high school now official constitutes a terrorist threat. This country has gone insane

Interesting How To

This article is a How to on making a Spherical Speaker array


Cat macros, now, Gerbil macro's

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