Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More News

Newscorp to buy Photobucket

Media conglomerate newscorp recently bought myspace, and now, according to Reuters, is also going to buy photobucket for 250 - 300 million dollars.  this is interesting because formerly myspace and photobucket have been at odds, over advertising rights, on each others sites.  The deal isn't final yet, but looks like it will go through

Web-Noahs Ark?

An Ambitious project called "the Encyclopedia of life" is underway, which plans to catalog and document ALL 1.8 million known species on the planet earth, and make all the info available on a website.  they intend to include picture, maps, video's, the whole schebang.  It's expected to take 10 years to complete.

Disney as A Google Map

someone had too much free time, and placed every ride, shop, and restaurant in the park, onto a Google maps mushup.

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