Sunday, May 06, 2007

more news and Stuff

Geforce 8800 UYP to the task

Here you can read a brief article, with a link to a rendering demo, of the the geforce 8800.  it's pretty impressive stuff

Jellyfish Aquarium

This is pretty slick looking, small silicon jellyfish, lit by LED's in a cool looking aquarium. It runs about $150 but still very cool.

3D modeling choices

This article discusses, the surprising popularity of Blender, the defacto open source 3d modeling app,  there are other choices out there, many of them with much newer code bases, better interfaces, and other advantages, in fact, blender, forces devs to jump through numerous hoops to try and get their code compiled into the core tree code base. So why then is it so popular?

Bill Gates management Style

This article is a recounting by Tom Evslin, of his days working for MSFT, and how it felt to present to Bill Gates himself. Interesting stuff.

AOL password Woes

AOL Allows you to enter 16 digit passwords,  but the servers, only read/check the first 8   MUWAHAHAHA I find this funny.

AT&T kills VOIP

AT&T started handing out 30 day shut off notices to all it's VOIP customers, saying it could not comply with E911 regulations, which is odd because AT&T/SBC is the local-land carrier, in most of the areas that they are handing the shutdown notices,  customers, have found that they can't keep their number, and switch to a new service.

 So essentially, people are being left, phone less, with no recourse to keep their number or anything.

Hot rice from Cold Water

Very cool idea,  cold water is poured over a filtering pack, and steams rice inside the packet, the filtering/heating agent, gives you a nice cup of steaming hot rice, from cold water in 15 minutes.

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