Friday, May 04, 2007

I missed this!

One of my Favorite Media players is coming to windows. Sort of

Amarok on Windows

Amarok is in my opinion the best (audio)media player, out there, period. However, it is Linux only. And unfortunately, some people Can't switch to Linux. for instance, in a work environment, or in my case, loosing the use of a $100 web-cam (yes i checked, no the Driver set doesn't support it)

beyond that, the truth, is, as much as I'd like to see people switching to Linux on Droves, the principle behind linux was GNU, and the idea of GNU was not to restrict software. Not porting an app to windows cause it's a pain in the ass is one thing. however many a Dev has refused to port to windows out of staunch stubbornness. this goes against the very idea's hat Linux was built on in my opinion.

All Ranting aside, Amarok 2.0 offers a lot of significant improvements, to what's already a kick-ass app, and the thought of running it one windows, thrills me.

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