Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wake UP!! Time for News!!!

Piggy-Bank Card reader


Silly, but cute, it's a multi-card reader, in the form of a child's piggy bank laying on it's side.

School in Brimingham UK, trades PSP's for textbooks


Yes you read correctly. This school is going to Hand out PSP's to it's student,s and send them homework, lessons, etc. over the PSP. The teachers are getting a crash course in podcasting and the whole nine yards.

Japanese automatic bidet


Japanese, toilets, We all know what this means. weird. In this case, an all wooden, portable, toilet with butt-spray. I have no idea why it's made of wood....

Google in Bid to buy double-click.


Not much solid fact on this one, but double-click is selling and peopel such as MSFt and yahoo are reportedly buying, and now google as well.

Old-cassette Tape wallets


Someone is making wallets, out of old Cassette tape cases. kinda cool.

Contest, to scare the TSA


I love this idea, write up a script for a movie plot, which outlines the hijacking and/or destruction of a plane, in a highly dramatic way, using a normal everyday item as the key component, in such a way that the TSA gets forced to ban said item. the plot must be plausible. The contest, is being held by Bruce Sheiner, and promises to be very interesting.

Librivox released 70 new books in march


Librivox, takes public domain books, and gets the help of volunteers, to read them aloud, and create audio-books, that are in turn, released into the public domain. How cool!!! And in march they released another 70 books.

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