Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Not much News

AMD is cutting it's prices



The prices, on a good chunk of AMD processors, (mostly Athlon 64 Fx and Athlon 64 X2) are being cut, some of them as much as cut in half.

Intel runing out of time


intel has until April 17th to explain to a judge, why it coincidently "lost" important archived e-mails, that could prove AMD's claims of anti-competitive behavior. For those not familiar, Intel has been accused fo some fairly shady buisness in the past.

4 story tall Donky Kong, made of Sticky notes


proof that some people have way too much free time. 10 people spent 5 hours, using sticky notes, to recreate a scene from the classic Donkey Kong arcade game.

Proposed blogger code of conduct, full of problems


Okay, lets face it, some people are professional bloggers, and much like journalist,s people have a certain respect and faith in these bearers of news. Much like journalists, there is little keeping hem honest other than themselves. In the wake of some recent scandals, Tim O'riley proposed a blogger code of conduct. In a way this would be liek the comics code of old, a self imposed set of rules to make everyone play nice, and fair. The problem is that his proposed code, has a LOT of propblems. some of glaring legal trouble. Also it would ask bloggers to give up all anonymity, and a good chunk of their freedom of speech, so as not to offend sensitive companies, and their lawyers.

Dyn:Bolic New Linux Live CD gettign soem attention


Dyn:bolic is a Live CD, which for those unfamiliar with the term, means you don't install it, on your system, you boot up using the CD and run everything directly from the disc, without ever installing anything. what's interesting is that this is not a standard general Linux distro. The entire point of this Live CD is the creation, and distribution of digital art. It is set up with some of the best tools avlible for creating, broadcasting, and publishing Music, Video's and graphics. And seeing you don't need to install it, or replace your current OS, it is worth a definite look.

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