Sunday, April 08, 2007

NEws updates

Simple, Effectiv,e practicle invention

Ever try to carry too many grocery bags at once? It's not that they are heavy, maybe you have 47 boxes of mac & cheese, this gadget lets you fit more bags on a hand, simple nice, and not bad prices at $12

Rogers Cable is dumb

in order to battle P2P traffic, rogers deside,d to de-prioritize, any encrypted traffic. unfortunately anyone who uses VPN to tunnel into work ,or has an SSH mail account is also getting fucked.

Vista Hack

Proof of concept, a program allowing a user to activate, or deactivate protection of a given process. A dangerous tool as one could install malware, and then use Vista's own Process protections to keep it from being removed.

I-pods, for kids in michigan

okay, I'm lost on this one,  Michigan, has a one-billion dollar budget, deficit. They owe money, their solution, buy an i-pod for every kid in the state, as a "learning tool"

Aol Sues Gaim into a name change... again...

Yup. Aol being bastards, cant STAND someone using the name Gaim...

Disney to allow Same-sex weddings at the cinderella castle

Disney previously allowed, same-sex marriages, more or less, in secret, but forbid them from holding public ceremonies, as part of their "fairy tale wedding" packages.  now the rules have changed.

KITT for sale

one of the original modified trans-ams used in the knight rider Tv series is on sale for $150,000


Hoax Ad ion craiglist causes problems

Someone posted an Ad on Craiglist inviting people to walk into an unlocked home in Tacoma Washington and help themselves to stuff. One problem, person posting wasn't the owner, it was owned by a lady who ahd recently evicted a tenant, and the house got trashed.


Think of a really pimped out car, now imagine if it were pimped out solely with an Anime theme. yeah. photos inside

A clever idea

use an old Cd-spindle as a hard case for your bagel sandwich.

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