Thursday, April 12, 2007

news stuff

Sony makes me Happy in the pants today

9-mm Thick OLED displays. Yup that's right, this think is ot much thicker than a pencil, sports a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, is brighter and more vivid than an LCD, has a 1080p resolution and uses way less energy than even an LCd does. They also have another one with a 1024x600 resolution that's only 3mm thick, if I'm not mistaken that's roughly the width of the edge of a US quarter.

MSFT Shoots itself in the foot..... again

MS told comp manufacturers that by the end of the year, they will no longer be able to receive, Windows XP OEM's. Mind you both Consumers, and even Manufacturers, are having a horrible nightmarish time with Vista. But that's not stopping Microshaft from forcing it down everyones throat. Wait What's that I hear, oh yes, it's the distant cry of Dells new pre-installed Linux initiative getting a huge boost.

LED tech 40 years odler than thought

LED technology is usually credited to a group of US scientists in 1962, but new evidence has emerged showing a Russian inventor had it 40 years earlier, He even filed a patent, at wrote a letter attempting to correspond with Albert Einstein, but never received a reply.

19th Century Vampire hunting kits up for auction

A trove of these kits were unearthed in Austria, and went up for auction , I Highly suggest clicking the link as frankly I can't find the words to describe the surrealism of what this kit looks like, or contains.

WOOT! Stem Cell's cure type one Diabetes

okay, admittedly, it's the early testing stages, but 14 out of 15 patients, seem to have been completely cured of Type I Diabetes. 11 of those 14 even were able to dispense with insulin immediately following the first treatment.

White House fuck up.

the white house, screwed the pooch. They got caught, using less secure, Republican National commity server for e-mails, in an attempt to hide the e-mails for subpena's. this means a lot of sensitive data was put on something other than the incredibly secure servers our tax dollars pay for, something far far less secure. and now the mishandled e-mails have "mysteriously" vanished and can't be retrieved.

Joliet, Illinois. Cop beats a gulf War Veteran, while screaming "fucking Arhab"

Please please PLEASE click on the link for the full story, what i provide is only a summary. The man had a dilapidated van, parked in his own driveway, it looked beat-up and was non functional. The cop yeleld at him to move it into his garage, Mr. Nag came outside, and started talkign to the officer, explaining that the van was inoperable and couldn't be moved, also that his driveway was his own private property, and there was no reason he should move it.  the officer then sprayed Mr. Nag with pepper spray, pulled out his baton and began to savagely beat him. screaming "you fucking Arab,  you fucking immigrant, Go back to you fucking country before I kill you"

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