Wednesday, April 04, 2007

News Jockeys!!!

30 Days with Vista

The same author who did the article "30 days with Linux" is now doing 30 days with vista,  installing and running Vista as his sole and only OS for 30 days. Essentially, he said it sucked, He experienced Data loss, and extreme instability.

Firefox Social Networking

Moz devs are working on a firefox extension called "coop" that will pick up where the Flock browser left off, bringing social networking to firefox

Verizon says "unlimited" = 5 gig

Essentially, if you pay for Verizon's, EVIDO unlimited wireless, you get 5 gig/month of transfer, they pretty much say in their EULA that anything over 5 gig you MUST be downloading movies. and they will ban you.

Housing prices, mapped out as a rolelrcoaster using Rollercoast Tycoon 2

On one hand it's cool, on the other, someone had way too much free time.

James Doohan's ashes to be launched into space

This month, (april) on the 28th James Doohan along with many others will have their ashes launched into space, on a rocket, specifically designed for the event.

Paranormal portal, Anomalies Network, relies on open source for it's info.

This is a network for all things paranormal. It includes Mirrored FTP sirtes, web archives, etc. on jsut about any paranormal activity you would care to research. And All their servers are running full Open Source software, including CentOS and fedora. WOOT!

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