Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some News Bits

More proof that "go outside & play" isn't the answer
a UK study attached accelerometers to kids, to measure how much they moved, and how many estimated calories they burned in a day.
the results showed that on average, kids involved in sports programs, even multiple sports programs, burned no more calories, than those that were not involved in sports.
also they found no correlation between calories burned and BMI.

Our government is dumb
Right now ,we cant afford to help the homeless, supplement, health care, properly fund schools.
but we can spend a billion dollars, to help people upgrade their TV's
this disgusts me on so many levels

Dell Taking Linux Seriously FINALLY
Due to the overwhelming outcry of customers wanting pre-installed Linux, dell has opened a poll. the poll asks users, to pick a favorite flavor of Linux, preferred, type of system (notebook desktop high-end, value etc.) and choose between preferred support options, (phone support, community based).

Why am i not surprised?
The us is not giving mental health care to troops. Congress, mandated, certain mental health checkups, and other clauses in IRAQ to ensure we don't have a repeat of situations such as those encountered in other wars. and apparently, this is not being followed, what's more, soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder, are being given psychotropic drugs, and sent back into the field, for multiple tours of duty. Prozac, Zoloft, ambien ,etc. are all in wide use there. sure it's true that it's impossible to properly monitor these drugs in a war zone, and sure, it's true that these drugs can cause someone to become heavily suicidal, or even homicidal, that isn't stopping the US gov.