Friday, March 23, 2007

Not many News storys today, but a few interesting ones

France opens UFO files.

Many countries in the past ahve acknowledged the existence of UFO's Brittan France, Germany, Japan, Australia all among the list.  France however, is going to be the first to officially open to the public all the files it has, video, photographs and the like.  These will be presented in an online archive.  The archive will continually be updated with any new reports that are investigates,  Some of these are easy to explain, others have yet to be satisfactorily explained by any scientist.

University of Nebraska Sends RIAA a bill for wasting their time

U of N  has literaly sent a bill to the RIIA, for all the time it has wasted trying to meet their demands, in helping them catch file-share-ers on campus.  they also told the RIAA that they can't help them identify anyone, their network system issues dynamic IP's each time a computer is logged on, and the records of these are only retained for a month.  An Angry RIAA spokesman criticized U of N for not understanding "the need to retain these records".

Journal of an American man in a japanese prison

Many people know the Japanese, for certain things,  their great technology, their interesting history, filled with rich and beautiful stories of Samurai.  People often forget though that japan was, and in some ways still is an isolationist country,  we hear about them what they want us to hear.  The truth is, in some cases, they aren't the nicest people , and I'm not saying this to be racist, I'm talking more about the government, than the people themselves.  There are some cases, where their views of Human rights rival that of China.  This is not such a drastic case, but can put a fine point on things.

the blog of an American man, who's biggest offense really was what in America would be considered "drunk & disorderly in public"  Who freely walked to a police station to apologize, is spent some time in a Japanese prison.  These are not the white collar prisons of America, or even the harsher ones, while not hospital allow their prisoners more freedoms than this man had.  Even interaction such as talking, with other prisoner,s is strictly forbidden, as are games.  three to a Cell, and a odd rule abotu only allowing one writing pen per cell, between 9am and 7pm.  A good read if you have the time.

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