Thursday, March 15, 2007

News you could use

okay, this one is jsut kinda cool

thermaltake, has always been a respected name in cooling, and their blue orb has been one of their better selliing products. now it uses, lights built into the fan blades, to show the current Temp and noise level. Very slick.

Michael crook Still a bastard

for those that don't know, this guy, had an embarrassing picture of himself get leaked onto the net, so he started sending fraudulent DMCA take down notices to various websites, he's been taken to court, by the EFF and they won. what's great, is the demanded several interest things in their case, such as a video-taped apology to the entire internet, for abusing free speech, he must also take a remedial class in copyright law, and several other appropriate pieces of justice. click above for the bad news, i can't bring myself to go into the details ,but basically, he's being a racist SOB and clling for copyright reform that would allow authors to sue newspapers for quoting people

Google Enhancing Privacy

Basically they are going to disassociate search history's with the people that made the searches, makign it harder, if not impossible, for example, for some government official to come knocking on your door and saying something like "we saw you did 37 searches last week on bomb making and anarchy, we'd like to have a few words with you." i n theory... not that this has happened ever... really, swear..

Scientific proof, men Stare at Crotches

this is great, a study was done using eye-tracking software, to follow a persons gaze, as they looked at various pictures, websites etc. one of the more interesting result,s men much much much more than women, stare at mens crotches. even on animals.

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