Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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The first video's of hte grand canyons new Skywalk

it wont be open to the public for a few more days, but some people were allowed in for publicity.  so now we have pics & video's of the real sky walk.  if you're not familiar with the project an Indian Rez that own well, a good chunk of the grand canyon basically.  has no casino's or other amenities that some tribes profit from.  And although they wish to earn some revenue to help their people, they also don't want to desecrate land that is sacred to them.  along comes the sky walk.  This marvelous feat of engineering creates a glass bottomed, U-shaped Walk path jutting out over the grand canyon, without embeding any cables, clips, pinnings, struts or anything into the walls of the canon itself,  the bridge is completely 100% anchored to the building that will act as it's HQ.

Solar Powered Air-conditioner

I'm not sure if this is brilliant, or stupid.  the Ac unit will run completely off Solar power, in the event of a cloudy day, it can store up to 24 hours worth of operation in battery.  on the downside the unit cost's around $3000 plus an additional $500 for installation.  Now mind you, in many area's this could wind up paying for itself in reduced electric charges within a few years.

Neural Impulse game controller

It's out. it's here.  it's a headband that you can use to control your video games with your mind.  this is not science fiction.  this is based of research that's actually been going on for quite some time.  it's due out by the end of the year for under $300

FBI talking about how it doesn't need to follow the patriot act or basically any other law

okay, gettign back to phone tapping.  plan A  FBI delivers paper to phone company, cites need for phone tap as an emergency, and then must file for warrant, etc. later.  often agents didn't follow up on the "later" paperwork.  now Agents are being told. that they not only don't need to follow up,  also they don't need to file paperwork to the phone company, that they can make requests orally.  Leaving absolutely zero paper trail of their wiretap. which is blatantly unconstitutional. (that whole due process thing)

Lousy Pitches for MMO's

Funny skit of people proposing ridiculous MMO's that are designed to suck the money from peoples pockets.

Coolest Chaise-lounger ever

This is a chaise lounger with attached desk, big screen TV dvd player, the works.

Starbucks hates homeless people ,even if they buy coffee

If you look kinda like a homeless person, and you buy something, Starbucks may still ask you to leave.

Cute article about how kids, might perceive, a conversation at the grownups dinner table

Simply put, take your typical conversation over dinner, and this is how children might understand it.  Very cool, very funny, and kind of forces one into some introspection if you have kids.


Tor is an anonymous network tool.  Acronym for "the onion router" network ,the concept is simple, a persons identity is masked, by routing his connection through half a dozen other TOR users.  the concept started as one of privacy, but is especially useful for countries experiencing Censorship *cough, China cough*  and now the EFF is goign to offer, to PAY students to work on improving TOR.  Go EFF and Go TOR

FBI Is teh Stoopid!

This is great, the FBI sent out a memo saying terrorist MIGHT try to become school bus drivers, but probably won.t   in sight of this blatant fear mongering, someone threw together a list of other things a terrorist MIGHT do, but probably won't.  funny as hell.

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