Sunday, March 18, 2007

News I think is worthwhile

CPR Revision ?

A Japanese study was recently showcased in the New York Times.  Essentially they found that CPR should be focusing on the Chest compressions more than the Breathing,  in fact, many experts are now suggesting to drop the rescue breaths all together.   Findings Say that the mouth-to-mouth might actually do more harm to the brain if blood flow to the heart isn't properly re-established.

"Sunshine Week" or "get to know your Government"

Sunshine Week is in it's 3rd year, and it's an effort to get people to illuminate, heir lives by peeling back the cloak of shadows the government hides behind, by encouraging people to make FOIA(Freedom of Information Act) filings.  the US News is offerign up links for filling FOIA requests to the US states, Federal governments, and 67 other countries.  Often information can be obtained just by asking for it, under this Act.  the NSA says less than 1 in 5 federal agencies meets congressionally mandated requirements for online information access.  but there is hope.  A new bill is making it's way through the house of representatives, this bill would strengthen FOIA.  remember this is supposed to be OUR government, FOR the peopel By the people.  Not For the good of the people as determined by a few men.  So if you have questions, if you want answer, ASK them, file a form, usually only costs you a stamp, maybe a copying fee (10 cents per page or so? ) UFO's, the national defect,  Bigfoot, The Presidents Salary, Area 51, Girl Scouts,  whatever your poison, this week, go for it!!!

Artists look at everything

A coupel days ago i told you about Men looking at Crotches, all kinds of crotches, mens crotches, womens crotchesm animal Crotches.  well her coems the sequal.  Artists, eyes tend to randomly roam over the whole image, instead of focusing on one point.

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