Friday, March 30, 2007

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PC Makers Tell MSFt That Vista Sucks

Bottom line, the "allure" of windows Vista, is not driving PC sales through the roof, like MSFT claimed it would. I'm not surprised.

Flowchart; how the RIAA decides to Sue

A Gag flowchart showing how the RIAA decides who to sue.

World record for Transfer speed set

25.6TeraBytes per second was achieved by Alcatel/Lucient using Fiber. Obviously this isn't about to be hooked up to anyoens hous,e but it's just interesting to think about

ICANN reject the .XXX domain a third time

ICANN rejected the Top level domain again ,with a vote of 9 to 5, and one member abstaining from vote. ICANN reported that it didn't want to find itself, suddenly in the content regulation business. As some people may be unaware, domains have restricted use, some even enforceable by US laws. .Com stands for company, .org for non profit organization, .TV for TV stations or shows.

 etc. People using Top Level Domains inappropriately can be forced to vacate, or in some cases, even fined heavily.  this together with a .xxx domain, could essentially, be used force all pornographic sites to relocate.

Web Based Photo Editor Roundup,1697,2108968,00.asp

Extremetech has done a nice round up of some nicely done, web-based photo editors. Most of these are flash or AJAX based. This coming after much speculation about Adobe creating an online version of Photoshop.

Google tells you how to drive, from New York to Dublin.

the guys at google definatley have a sense of humor. if you ask for driving directions from New York to Dublin, Ireland, google gives a map and includes the following line. "Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 mi." I love it. Additionally it has you first goto France, take the tunnel to England, and hen take a ferry back to Ireland.

OFL:Open Font Library

The Open Clipart Library is a sister site to the already famous open Clipart Library. The sire features tons of open source and license/patent/royalty free fonts that you can use for whatever you want. has posted a nice review for us. I suggest people check it and it's clipart brother out.

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