Sunday, March 25, 2007

just a few news bits

RIAA sues 10-year old girl

Ok  here's the skinny, the RIAA is sueing a 10 year old girl, yeah shocker I know, here's where it gets a little worse, she was 7 when the alleged infringement happened, Her mother is disabled, lives on SS and yet got a lawyer to defend her child. she sought to use certain Oregon laws, to limit her daughters testimony/proceedings to telephone and video conference only.   The RIAA refused  they demand to grill a 10 year old girl in person, on a witness stand, in public court.

More proof your votes don't count

Missoula county, Montana.  Voters pass a referendum, it doesn't even change any laws, merely creates an advisory statement.  The voters pass the referendum by wide margin,  2 county commissioners, overturn the referendum.   So yes, the will of  about 3/4 of the people in that county, were over-ruled by two men.   Nice democratic system we got here....

China needs your blood... to play MMO's ?

120,000 users got banned fro ma popular Chinese MMO named "Cabal" for trying to hack the game.  the owners, are offering to let them return, reactivate their accounts, if they donate at least one pint of blood.  they are also offering free accounts to anyone else who donates blood.

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