Monday, March 26, 2007

Houdini Might be Exhumed

Boing Boing article

Washington Post article

Link to the book

Houdini's family some forensic scientist's, and the authors of a recent Houdini biography, hope to gain permission to exhume his remains.  They want to find out for sure, if he died due to a ruptured appendix, or if he was murdered by fraudulent psychics that he exposed for the fakes they are?   The authors of the new book maintain that Houdini was the victim of a thug liek cabal of psychics.  One of his most notable, and favorite targets was a socialite, who made quite a name for herself with fake telekinesis,  she was married to a Boston surgeon.  According to the authors, This surgeon had an accomplice inject Houdini with a serum in Detroit meant to kill him.

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