Friday, November 04, 2005

News Of interest

Okay some disturbing, some outright scary, some plain interesting

Fireballs in the sky
in the skies over Germany a good number of UFO's (read: Unidentified flying objects, not alien spaceships ,the two are NOT synonyms!) were seeing crossing the sky. Described basically as fireballs they are starting to draw international interest.

Patent for a storyline
yes someone has field for (but not received) a patent for "..process of relaying a story having a time line and a unique plot involving characters...". Yup you heard me he wants to patent the concept of a Plot. it's scary because well... its been 18 months and he hasn't been rejected yet.... not a good sign in my book. Further proof of how silly copyright laws have gotten these days. On the plus side this wont effect hollywood much, as most movies out so far this year were utterly devoid of plot anyway

AMD vs Pentium Dual core Zdnet review,39024015,39233885,00.htm
a rather thorough comparison between the new dual-core offering from both AMD & Intel. as Expected AMD whoops up on intel. however surprisingly AMD's chip is slightly more expensive ($80) but considering that on the low wend we are talking a $400 chip I don't think $80 is going to bother anyone ,considering the performance is a rather large difference

that's it for now.