Sunday, August 07, 2005

Today sucked

lets see.
Air conditioner on the Frit,s it's leaking waterl ike a fountain at ceaser palace.
my Hard drive seems to be dying, not the main one where windows is installed. but my big HD, wherE ikeep my & my fiance's resume's, all the pictures of my Sun. Stories, poems, anythin that's striclly "data" and not a program, is on that drive.
found out my cable company dosn't give hte smae ammount of lee-way on payments that every other company in the world gives (3 months) I missed last months. My chakign accoutn was jsut gettign set-up and I didnt have the cash avalable until a short while ago. So now they want $157 (last months, & this months) by the 1st or I get disconected. They bill for the upcoming month, not the past month. So like when I make a payment on sep1st, i'm paying for Sep 1st, through till Oct.
Granted it's insane that they charge $85/mo for 4Mb/down service anyway. But they are the only provider in Town , i cant even get DSL. Thanks buckeye, you ass-wipes. AAnd thank you FCC for allowing them to keep thier infrastructure closed, making it impossible for anyone to move into town & provide a little competition (double-ass-wipes)

I caleld them up to downgrade my service
I switched to the 1.5Mb service.. it's now "only" $39.99/month
**grumble grumble build a pipe-bomb grumble**