Friday, August 12, 2005

More news than you could Kill a goat with

First there is some deistrubing enviornmental news
Global Warming is wreaking havoc on Siberia.
basicly, the permafrost, that well.. is suppsoed to be permanent, is melting. this is releaseing a crapload of pent up bog/swamp gas, wich is having yet further nasty effects. apperently the average temperature there has risen almost 4c in 40 years. it mayu not sound like a lot, but you have to remember, that's close to 10 degrees Farenheiht, and it's a PERMANENT change. it's not a dialy, not a "hot month" this is irreversable increase. wich on an enviornmental scale is a big deal.

Good enviornmental news
This article Speaks about the purchase, of a Solar-array, to output energy. here's the cinch, this slar array, is bigger than every other solar panel in america put together! 4,500 acres, to be specific. what's more interestign is that these solar cells are not used like standard commercial colar energy around mostp laces today, where they use a converter to store electricity directly. They use a stirling 9or external combustion) engine, to generate the actually electricity, and use the solar cells to generate heat to fuel the engines. this technology has been around close to 20 years, and is VERY VERY efficient, but it's never been used in any sort of mass scale until now.

In decenmer the new Electronic Passports will begin being issued.

I may be sick
This Article is about Fed-ex
some of you may remember a little bit a go ,a guy furnished his apartment ,with fed-ex boxes, created soem great & sturdy furniture usign nothing but fed-ex boxes. well Fed-ex is suing him, alot ,a whoel pack of lawyers came down on him, they are claiming DMCA (wwich is absured because DMCA is for copywright, not trademark) they also calim that he broke theier terms of Service, and also ,in a formal letter, stated that it was clear that he intened to run soem sort of buisness, by his use of the ".COM (cvomercial Level" domain name, rather than .Net or some other of the now 20+ top level domain names. This is interesting, because hte terms of service, do state that boxes are to be used only by current custoemrs, fori nteraction with fed-ex, and not with anyone else. Then again terms of service have been broken before, liek When mcaffe isnisted that by isntallign thier product, you were bound by the TOS to not write a negative review about the product. and New York State slapped them like a bitch gfor it. Thism ay be another such cas,e hwere there TOS gets deemed unfair. as for the implicatio nthat by using .Com instead of another domain. well, This may have bearing in the future as the US at least is trying to enforce such acts already, makig sure thato nly companies use .com, only networks use .net, and that other private pages use other domains such as .org, .cc .info etc. a great deal of tiem and money has been spent making other domains top-level and the Guv dosnt want to see that money wasted.

Man Dies In Sex Act With Horse
I couldn't help but repost this
the article abovei s on the up & up, but it's been hard, as rumors of this even t have circulate,d the problem is thatm ost "legit" news paper,s shows, or reporters, CAN'T print this type of thing due to FCC regulations. Content, & whatnot deemed inappropriate for a general audience
so her's the skinny, a guy went to a farm in Seattle area, a farm specificaly set-up to attract peopel that are into bestiality
he decided to let a horse fuck him in the ass, and then Bled to death.
"Although she never reported the man's name, in her second article Sullivan did say that he was 45 years old and added that he died of acute peritonitis due to the perforation of the colon. But because Washington is one of 17 states that does not outlaw bestiality, having sex with a horse is not a crime and his death will not be investigated."
Get that, Perferation of the colon. Perferation look it up people. that's a painfull way to go.