Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm pissed off

Electric cars
Hybrid cars
great things
we've seen them hitting the streets.
the 60mpg models in america, are...considered inadequette by most, it;'s an improvment, but far from freeing us of our dependence on oil.
a while back, I posted an article about a car in japan ,pure electric, not hybrid, reaches speeds of 250Kilometers per hour, and can travel 240 kilometers on a single charge. Add to that it was a stretch limo with ful lwirelessi nternet aces,s & 4 built in Pc's and you can see why other countries think our electric cars are a joke. Even in our own ,many peopel have speculated that we can do much much much better than current models lead us to beleiv,e but hte auto-companies, & thep oloticians say it's "years off"
THIS Story makes them all look dumb.
now this guy is an electrical enginer, so no you probably cant do this on your own, HOWEVEr.
if one guy, can do this for $3000, in a few months time, why the FUCK cant the combined R&D divisons of the auto companies do it?
this mans toyota Prius plug's into a wall, and he gets his first 30 miles or so of any trip for zero gassoliene
so takign this into account some of the "plug-in" hybriids now get 250mpg
that's right
two-hundred-and-fifty miles to the gallon
the secret? a stack of brick sized bateries in the trunck to increase electrical yield. Simple huh?
buigger battery = better millage...
hmm good thing I didn't think of that... oh wait....
no granted, I'm a far cry from having the technical know-how to actually design that, but the concept is simple enoguh

bigger battery, more stoarage of electriciyty, better gass millage
I bet and 5 year old could tell you that more bateries = more power.

and according the peopel that have modded thier cars tis way, on average it costs them about a quarter to charge those extra bateries.

Gas in my town is $2.69/gallon right now, and your average car can get 20 - 30 miles for a gallon

these guys get thier first 20 - 40 miles for 25 cents. even if they got regular gas millage after that, they would be saving shitloads over the rest of us. but no ,they get 80 mpg AFTER wearing out the extra charge.

Just remember fols, Mr bush says we are years away from a car that will free us from oil dependancy...