Sunday, July 31, 2005

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Tax on Porn
Here we find a senator, with nothing better to do. since hte new internet porn laws went into effect, wich have cause enough headache to keep the advil guys in buisness for ever. We now have a situation where the Gov. is attempting to enforce the laws its created. so now, to pay for this, he wants 25% tax on all internet porn. This comes shortly after the bill requiring all websites, to keep hardcopy physical evidence of everyone age & personal info, putting many "amature" and blog-style sites out of buisness.

a Tour of Gnome 2.12
Some interesting features here, such as the inclusion of the much anticipated Cairo anti-aliasing Previewing of Text as you drag & drop it. Spatial tree view in the File manager. Custom Cursors & themes. A new document reader called Evince, based on work from, wich replaces GGV & GPDF. these are jsut some highlights of many many changes.

This kind ofBULLSHIT is Why I dislike windows.
I'll be honest, I've had few reliablity or stabilty problems with windows myself, but then agian I staunchly maintain it, with very VERy regular (every few days) registy mechanic checks, Spyware sweeps, un-used file cleaning, top notch AV, and a nice Firewall. your average user, has neither the time, knowledg,e or inclination for most of this, (honestly it's suprisingly simple to automate most of this, them again when working tech support I actually got the "drink holder" call) Microsoft, is becoming so Anal about it's anti-piracy procedures, that it's breakign the Os for peopelthat a actually pay for it. and it sickens me. The customer should come first. I know it's an idealistic goal, and basicly never happens, but that dosnt make it any less right.