Monday, July 18, 2005

news & interesting stuff

This is kinda cool
talks about the optimus keyboard.
now without doign a LOT of extensive reasearch I found that this keybord, in essence, has hundreds of mini LED screens for each key. (no I dont me LCD, LED as in close to a thousand mini-led's per key)
so that you can change keys on the fly, assign icons to the keys, and it will sort of "auto-update" to what you are doing rightt at the moent has screenshots, it's very very slick, me personaly I'd shell out a rather large sum of $$$ to get ahold of a keyboard like this. they say it wil lcost "less than a good mobile phone" Good is vuage, and I've seen phones upward of $250

Interesting news feed info
the above wiki compares RSS 2.0 with ATOM 1.0
to sumerize, RSS althoguh having greater market share so to speak, Atom 1.0 fixes almost all the problems/complaints people have about RSS. Sounds like IE & firefox to me, I know wich way I lean.

No watchign porn in india
apperently a bunch of peopel cought watching adult films i na theater, were forced to publicly shame themselves by doing 10 sit-upos each in a public square