Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I need help
In the near future, reasons beyond my control are going to force me to get rid of my Voice over IP gateway (which doubled as a hardware firewall)

this being said I will need to get a software firewall, and as it's been almost 3 years since i've actually used one, I find my knowledge of the current market a little lacking

so I'm asking all of you, to suggest a firewall, preferably, don't just give me the name, give me a few reasons of why you choose it over other firewalls.

as for my personal "requirements"
i prefer open source if/when possible. i am running windows XP (no the built in firewall does NOT count)
user interface, is not a major concern, I'm sufficiently skilled to deal with even some of the ugliest GUI's or even non-GUI interfaces. although I'm not fond of command line I'm not totally against it.

configuration is very important, I run many file sharing programs, the occasional on line games, instant messaging etc. so I need to be able to set the firewall to allow those things

Basic firewalls without an IDs would suffice, although IDS is useful if need be I can get by without it.

Reliability & security, are probably top priorities.

so please, send me a comment, let me know what you suggest, also if you have a link to the product homepage, that would be helpful

tell your friends, i welcome the input of strangers