Monday, June 06, 2005

What a Weekend

Well the last few days have been an emotional & physical roller-coaster. To start off with, my father. Now mind you, anyone who knows me, knows that me & my father don't exactly get along (kicking your 19 year old son out at shotgun-point will hamper a relationship). My dad has had a drinking problem as long as I can remember, never hits the hard stuff, but he's 61, and he'll finish off a 6-pack of Budweiser in about an hour, then think he's still fine it's just not the case. Now in recent years, due to my moms, constant prodding pocking, and even leaving him & movoing out for a while, he's been getting better. He's cut back on his drinking & smoking. We don't ask that he quit, we just want him to get it under control, Even the smokers out there will agree with me that 2-packs a day of camel non-filters is a bit on the heavy side of things. Anyway, on with the story. I call him up to ask for help with a chicken recipe (he was always a great cook) Somehow he managed to turn this into a discussion of my failure. I think deep down my dad just wants to see me do good but.... it comes across badly when he says stuff like.
you're a fucking free-loader
you beat your grandmother up
your baby would have been better off still-born

Now I'm not even sure where the grandmother thing came from, but needless to say these were very hurtful to me. I mean, the first one, if a complete stranger calls you a looser, it's one thing, but when someone who raised you, and you respect says it, it bears a lot more wight. The comment about my baby... that's just wrong... plain & simple. So after yelling at me for 45 min straight he hung-up on me, When I tried to call back to talk to my mother, the phone was picked up * slammed back down without even a hello. So I'm assuming at this point he's no longer talking to me.

Wait, it gets worse.
About an hour after that I get really really sick. Like the Martian Death-flu or something, slight fever, Ache, Weakness, the worst case of Montezuma's-revenge ever. To put i another way

there's sick where you don't want to get out of bed,
there's sick where you shouldn't get of bed
then there is sick where you can't physically get out of bed under your own power...
I was that 3rd one. Now mind you, Due to Montezuma I had to get up about every 10 min or so.... this made the last 24 hours hell on my finance' :( she missed her cousins graduation to stay home & take care of me, we sent our child to be babysat by relatives just in case anything was catchy.

Add on top of this, that for the last week or so, I have been un-able to get the inside temperature of my home below 80 degrees at all, ever. On average we sit close to 90, sometimes it's been as hot as 96. mind you that's inside my home. This of course has not made me, my finance' or our 4 month old son, very happy. We bought a Ac-unit, it's only 5200 BTU but we have a smaller place anyway, and we figured if we used that, & turned on a couple room fans to spread the air, we could at least get into the mod 70's.

We were wrong, leaving the Ac unit running from 2:00 AM non-stop for the entire day, we still hit 92 around 5:00!!

But wait, it gets worse.
We saw o nthe news there was a chance of rain this evening, we did a dance for joy. Then arounf 5:00 T-storm warning. Uh-oh around 8:00 severe-T-Storm Warning.

Now, I live about literaly a 5 min drive from the state line. Our county, had a severe thunder storm warning, and about 9:00 the county above us, technically in another stat,e went into tornado watch & warning. We live in a trailer.... I was getting worried. In our area, we were getting 50+ mph wind.

We closed up the house, and at about 9:15, we lost all power. AC unit goes, Fan Goes. Lights go, Phone goes. So now we are Hot, sweaty, don't know where our child is (as said he was being babysat, we didn't know if they had lost power too or what). Our clock-radio apparently can't run off a battery anymore. We are sitting in the dark ,cut of from the world, with no clue what's going on, all while I'm sick & emotionally distraught to begin with.

That sucked. So about 11:00 my finance's sister (the one baby-sitting for us) stops by to tell us she has no power, My finance goes with her, over to their mothers house (who has power) to take care of our child. So now I'm hot, sick, emotionally distraught, sitting in the dark, Alone.

What a fucking weekend

about 2:30 AM the power came back on, so i went around, & reset our clocks ,etc. went to work trying to cool down the house, but I have no clue when my finance & son will be coming home, until then It's just me & the pepto-bismol