Sunday, May 29, 2005

the world is gettign dumber I think

our top story today (isn't this sad) is about the Webster top-ten favorite words, not in the dictionary

essentialy, we have taken made up words, over used them ,given them meaning, and forced the dictionary into recognizing them.
Now any english major worth his salt will go on at length about this being a "living and evolving language" I'm all for this, but personally I think there are limits.
I use woot as much as anyone, probably more. but i realize, in every fiber of my being that THIS IS NOT A REAL WORD.
remember Ebonics?
next we are goign to have college students writing thesis papers on Woot. and then demanding to be rescored because woot is a "legitimate word" with "real & practical use"
Slang is on thing, but usualy slang infers takign a real word, & using it differently changing it's meaning. I can live with that. but making up new words has always kind of buged me, our language is complex enough as it is.

Terrorisim Paranoia

because of one, friking one terrorist attack 4 years ago, the us Gummit is still going freaking insane.
now they dotn want us to have cell-phones on an airplane because "it could help coordinate a terrorist attack"
but wait, couldn't I use the in-plane phones to call my budies & coordinate too? to me this sounds more like the government trying to help out it's favorite buisness buddies agian, (much like recent legistlation to help the MPAA) dont let peopel take thier cell-phones, & they will have to use out $5/minute phone MUWAHAHAHA

what a crock.

in the world of "bizzard"
a video project "exposing" disney's Costume Employeys misbehaving.
obviously not actuall footage by any stretch of the imagination, but presented in a funny manner, & decently well done.

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