Saturday, May 21, 2005

News worthy Stuff

Wave powered Generators
3 wave powered generators ,are going to be installed of he coast of Portugal, assuming they work as expected, 30 more will be installed by the end of 2006. these thirty wave generators will replace enough "standard" generators to essential reclaim 6000 tonnes of carbon-monoxide that is normally put out by said, standard generators.

AMD hitting market with Dual-Core,10801,101898,00.html?source=x10
May 31'st is the big day, AMD will release the Athlon 64-X2, it's new 64-bit Dual-core CPU. for those not knowing, this CPU is not only 64-bit, but (in simplistic terms) acts as two separate CPU's but only takes up one socket on a motherboard. Anyone who's ever worked with a Multi-SPU system can tell you there are HUGE advantages. To simplify though, two 1 Ghz CPU's will likely out-perfroms a single 3Ghz CPu, simple because it doesn't have to split clock cycles between the various system tasks that run all the time. it can assign any "background" tasks (such as windows itself) to one CPU, while leaving the other completely free to run programs. (again this is a very simplified version of whats actually going on).

Fingerprint scanners in Libraries?
okay, this is just sad, an Illinois Library, plans to install fingerprint scanners on all it's computers, so that you cant come into the library, and oh, say... SEARCH FOR A BOOK, unless you submit, record, and verify your fingerprint, wich of course is attached to your Library card, which is attached to your address, phone # etc. and frankly would be INCREDIBLY easy to forge (most commercial fingerprint scanners can be defeated with a gumibear). so not only do the honest people get hassled, the dishonest people have yet one more way to steal your identity. *sigh*

Lightsabers for all
A few months back there was a blog, that gave a tutorial on how to add light sabers to a film , this required both adobe Photoshop, Adobe-FX, and Adobe-Premiere. so about $1200 worth of software. if you already have them, it's all fine & good, but lets say your using the editing software that came with your Camcorder, or the very popular "pinicle" or some other software.. well you were out of luck. Until now :) this guy has writen some free (open Source actually) software, that's sole purpose is to roto-scope a light saber into any film you want. neat huh? Unfortunately however, it seams to be for Mac-OS. Anyone interested in taking the source & making a win/lin port would be my hero :)

Bribing kids to be healthy
in a way this is pure genius, but it's kind of sad that you have to do it at all
basically these kids use swipe cards to buy food from the cafeteria, the more healthy the item you buy, the more "points" you get, then you can redeem the points for all kinds of stuff, like movie tickets, an i-pod, or even an X-box with games.

And so it begins
the "duble-yuh" signed a bill, making int a federal offense, to take a camcorder to a theater with you.
first off, my belief is that copyright infringement, is just that, if the copyright holder doesn't give a shit, then the gov shouldn't be able to step in and ruin your life anyway? what if the film your watching is a non-copyrighted independent film witha big opening disclaimer stating "i the creator give anyone & everyone the right to make copies of this movie". well doesn't matter, you still get 3 years in prison and $2,500 in fines for a first offense, 6 years for every repeat offense.

the bill sucked IMO, and now the first actual enforcement of it has occurred, a man in grass-valley California, was arrested, coming out of a movie theater, with a camcorder on him. Now mind you, there is no proof, evidence or witness that he was filmingthe movie, just that he had a camcorder on him , sure it probably WAS, but we can just ignore that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing because the MPAA said so right? *sig again*

and finally
a funny yet catchy Toilet commercial from japan.
the commercial itself (2.4Mb mpg)