Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Today sucked

Well today we me & my Grandmother went to sign the title for a trailer she is buying for me, a $3000 fixer-upper.
my grandmother, me & my mom, dad, my fiances family etc..., all took a look at it a couple days ago, and said "okay if we buy it, we need to do x, y, and z, to it"
I have a 2 month old child, certain things HAVE to be in top shape... like nails sticking out of the floor for example, loose paneling, Broken Gas oven... yeah

so today, we get down there, sign the title, I go over rules with the park manager etc. and then AFTER everything is paid & in our name. my grandmother drops the bomb

the trailer is in her name, not mine, and she cant afford to do any repairs....

so not only is it not really liveable, even if it WERe I don't have my name on anything, so I cant establish residency there, I wont show up properly on any back ground checks that potential employers might run.

in addition Welfare, went away. our foodstamps & cash assistance, didn't refill this month on the 5th, when they usually do. didn't refill today either. so we called the case worker
"Oh I haven't filed the paperwork yet, I MIGHT get to it, by the end of the week" then hangs up on us.

This is the same guy we couldn't contact for 2 months straight.

so we already signed off to get out of this apartment. we have to be out of here before May 4th, and then grandma drops this bomb, I appreciate what she's trying to do, I really do but the trailers NOT liveable without some repairs, and she said she would help with them if her finances changed or something, she should have told people before signing the title.