Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Neat way to look at the world

Today I came across somthing neat

a program ,writen by NASA, released as open source. that allows you to tap into the vast array of satelite imagry at NASA's disposal
you cna look at the whole earth, or a picture of your own house.

for those of you familiar, this is like the old "keyhole" software, that Nvidia used to give out a crippled version of, the difference is this is better, uses more recent images, and it's free.

now the (kinda) downsid,e it does requirte some decent system specs. they recomend at least
1Ghz CPU or better
256MB of Ram
3D graphics card, equivilent to a Geforce 2 Ultra, ATI Radeon 7500, or better
Broadband conection (as it downloads image data in real time)
2Gb of free disk space for various cache's
and .NET

in truth, the performance of this app is great, a testement to .NEt I think (credit where credit is due I say) and the fact they are rleaseing it under an open source liscence 9of sorts) is very cool
now this isn't hte GNU liscence, so dont get your hopes up. but it is a nice free program, with source, and the free avalability, to make add-ons

so if you have the comp for it, give it a try