Wednesday, April 27, 2005

my new Home

Well things are going... bad

I got the trailer, spent $3000 to buy it, and am putting a LOT of work into it.
my fiancee's step-father is being a HUGE HUGE help in the "working on it" endeavor.

We had to tear up all the old carpet & get new stuff laid down, laying new carpet, we banged out in about 3-4 hours. No problems. That included cutting & laying some nice padding. For 3 guys that's not bad. Tearing up the old carpet.... that was a day and a half. See with these mobile homes, trailers whatever you call them, they lay a floor, then padding/carpet, THEN they build the walls, right on top of everything. So the carpet itself is underneath the walls, not to mentioned glued down everywhere. In my case in particular, the place is older, and so the padding had disintegrated into a very fine dust.

Then there are the appliances. It's a 25 year old trailer, many of the appliances in it were original, and non-working. It needed a new oven, wall-mount style, the stove-top was a separate thing & worked fine, also it had this combo washer/dryer. Not a stackable, but a single regular size unit that did both wash & dry. We ran into a couple problems - first those didn't work, second, they fit tight (see carpet install above, the appliances were the same way), this 400 lb washer/dryer was placed, then walls built around it basically. So that was a total pain to remove. The oven was easy to remove-both oven & dryer were gas powered. We bought all new appliances from Sears. About $1600 for a stackable washer/dryer, & a new in-wall oven. Keep in mind this is after my Grandmother using her employee discount. And those were the cheap ones. Sears is supposed to deliver them the following Saturday, & haul away the old ones.

First thing, the new appliances are electric, we called everywhere, but no one, makes gas based in-wall ovens anymore... we tried at least 15 different major outlets (Sears, Lowes, ABC Warehouse, etc.) so me & my dad, have to install new breakers, then run 220v 30amp cable for the washer/dryer, that was only about 6 feet from the box, then 220v 20amp for the stove. That on the other hand was a 25+ foot distance from the box, now those are the actual distances from the box, of course running cable, from box, down under trailer back up etc required a bit more actual cable. However we did get it done, it was just a pain in the ass :)

Saturday comes, and no one can be at the trailer to receive them, so we call & reschedule for the following (last) Saturday, not their fault, ours, but still a set-back.

So this past Saturday, me & Erica had been living in the trailer (temporarily) since Thursday. Our child wakes us up at 6:00 AM. At approx 9:00 AM an unmarked truck pulls up. It didn't say Sears or anything so at first we didn't think it was the delivery, but it stopped right in front of our house, so we went out on the porch to see what was going on anyway. The driver & his passenger look right at us, make a cell-phone call & drive away.

An hour later, we receive a call from Sears that delivery was attempted but no one was home. We of course start raising hell about it, we HAVE to be out of our current place by the 4th, we still have a lot of work to do. They tell us the earliest they can get back out is Tuesday. Well me & Erica have been down there 4 days by this point, we need to get back to our current apt and pack. As I write this it's 5:38 AM on the 27th, and we've packed maybe 4 boxes, we have a lot to go yet. Erica's mother, went to the trailer, to accept delivery, so that me & my fiancee could stay up here & pack.

We get a call from Sears delivery, saying they are running 30 min behind. Okay no big deal, I confirm that they will also be taking away the old appliances, she tells me yes, and we hang up.

Then I heard the following from my future mother in law

They came, they did NOT take away the old appliances, they broke my screen door, my steps, they also scratched and dented the washer/dryer while bringing it into the trailer, and they somehow managed to not give us a cord for it. Now I'm not there, so I cant see what Erica's mom is seeing but as far as I knew the cords for those things were solid state. Like built INTO the unit. So I've got no clue what's going on with that, but even ignoring that, the broke parts of my home & scratched & dented the appliance itself.

Needless to say I'm very.... unhappy about this. In fact, I'm fuming, I'm livid. Me & my grandmother went to Sears outlet originally, they sell used/scratched damaged appliances. We choose to pay the extra $200 or so per unit to get brand new ones. And now it's all banged up. Now I can live with it, it still functions (probably, not sure about this cord situation) but it's just not right, and it's DEFINATLEY not right that they broke my door & my steps. I'm unemployed, I'm borrowing money from family to make this happen in the first place, I can't afford to do all this extra crap , not to mention I don't have the TIME to do all the extra stuff. As it is, with my current apt, seeing I'm ending the lease early, I have to pay two months additional rent at $600/mo after I move out on the 4th. Plus I have to have $250 in lot rent at the new place, by the 5th.

Not to mention switching utilities, getting phone hooked up down there, getting everything disconnected up here.

I'm not afraid of working, I'm not afraid to earn the things I want, but this is TOO much. I cant deal with the stress anymore. I have moved NINE times in seven years. I want to just settle down in one fricking place, get a half-way decent job, I don't need much above minimum wage. If I could make $6.50/hr and pull 35 hours a week I'd be happy, that's all I'm really asking for as far as a job goes. I'm not picky about it. But I'm having a hard time getting hired, my previous employment history is sketchy, because half the places I worked are out of business, my background check now shows up with suspicious behavior on it, because of me moving so much , people see that red flag, they will probably pass right over me. My credit rating is shit. So I'm getting screwed from multiple angles.

Before anyone say anything, keep in mind, at no point here, have I blamed anyone, or said it's not my fault
fault isn't the issue, it's my fault, it';s their fault, society's fault, whatever, fault doesn't matter,

my only concern is how do I get out of this situation? With really really bad credit, a background check producing red-flags, and a sketchy work history, how do I get hired now?

And if I cant get work how do I afford a place to live?
How do I pack me, & my finance & our 3 month old son, in 5 days, and move it all down to a place, that isn't ready to be lived in yet?