Sunday, April 10, 2005


an article about America's placement among schools for IT


we sucked, north America overall did poorly, and the placement we DID get was mostly brought to us by Canadian institutions.

MIT for instance placed 29th. that's right, one of the greatest, most prestigious schools, from the country that invented IT and the Internet, has placed 29th.

Canada's University of Waterloo in Ontario was #4 and that's the only north American Continent school to even make it into the top 15

University of Illinois was #17

I'm not going to do it right here & now, but you can check for yourself. lets take a look at how much money universities spent trying to comply with the RIAA, how much they spent re-vamping networks to block file sharing, how much money they spent answering inane inquiries for the patriot act. and forcibly relocating & deporting students, and compare that to how much they spent on actually education.